Our little E is quite the traveler! We headed down for a quick trip to St. George last weekend. She only woke up once on the ride down, right as we were stopping for dinner. The way back – she slept the entire way (and so did I)! I don’t think that Ellie was put down once the entire weekend except to maybe get her diaper changed. She was totally and completely spoiled. Zac helped Gramma give Ellie a bath, he jumped right in the tub with his swimsuit! We got to show her off at church on Sunday, she helped Gramma and Erin cheer at a soccer game on Saturday, and B and I got lots of extra sleep!


bath time with gramma and Zac

not pictured: four other people crammed in the small bathroom watching!


proud uncles and aunties


Which baby is Ellie!?

(When all my siblings were babies we would line them up with all our dolls for a picture. We had to continue the tradition with Ellie! Some of the dolls were bigger than she was!)

IMG_6406 copyIMG_6531IMG_6559IMG_6563

Proud Uncle Spenc (Ladies he’s single and going on a mission soon….I’m sure he would looooove some pen pals ;)