We were so excited to move out of our small apartment into an actual house. No more dark brown cabinets, a temperamental toilet, or a washer and dryer in our kitchen! The house that we are renting was built in 1942, so it is full of character. The floors squeak, there’s a random drinking fountain in our backyard, the light for the bathroom is in the hallway, and every door handle is different. We love it. Absolutely love it. (And we love not hearing any neighbors below us!) We still have a few boxes to unpack (thank goodness for a basement to store them in), but for the most part we’re all settled in. Here’s a little peek at our happy home.

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*not pictured: my mom’s favorite part of the house, the creepy storage basement! haha

**I never have this many vases of flowers in my house, they’re all leftover from the baby shower.