After we moved, I was so excited to start on the nursery furniture. We lucked out big time, every piece of furniture we have for little miss we got for freeeeee. B helped someone in our old ward move and they were getting rid of the most amazing dresser, night stand, headboard, and mirror. B’s really good at knowing what I’ll like and if it has potential, so he picked it up and brought it home! (We still have yet to paint the headboard and mirror, eventually we’ll get around to that)  The rocking chair I saw in the back of someone’s truck while they were pulling up to the DI to donate it. I ran/attempted to run/waddled after the truck and the guy donating it thought I was crazy for liking it (the orange fabric was pretty hideous). He happily handed it over to the crazy pregnant lady. We’re really happy how the furniture turned out (and even more happy that we’re done painting)! I’m slowly getting around to adding more décor to the room, to pull all the colors together. We don’t have a crib yet, but we do have a bassinet for the next little while. Hopefully we can find a good deal on a crib like we did on the rest of her furniture!

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(cost: pink paint: $10, white paint: $10, paintbrushes: $10, face mask for pregnant lady: $4, fabric: $8, new foam pad: $18, polyurethane, sandpaper, painting sheet, etc: already owned. total cost: $60)