The Saturday before Miss Ellie was born I figured it was high time to get my hospital bag all packed up. She really could arrive at any given time and I had completely slacked off in the packing department. So I got off my rear and started packing away. Here’s a little peek into our hospital bag.

For mom:

I packed a few comfortable outfits for the hospital stay. The first day I stayed in my hospital gown the entire day (partly because half the day I was hooked up to IV’s giving birth and partly because after the birth, well, you know, the fluids). The next day I was tired of my backside being exposed to the whole world, so I changed into some comfy sweats and a t-shirt. So much better! I threw in some socks last minute and boy was I glad! (I got super cold during labor after my epidural.) Nursing bras, flip flops, and a going home outfit were also thrown in there. And as unattractive as they might be, the mesh underwear from the hospital are the way to go. Seriously so comfy. As far as toiletries go, I brought the usual (travel sized shampoo, toothbrush, razor, makeup, lotion, chapstick, etc) Showering and getting ready made me feel fresh and clean (again, the fluids)! Oh, and a hair brush would have been nice. Totally forgot about that! My favorite thing I brought: my pillow! The hospital pillows are flat as can be, so having my own pillow was ah-mazing!

For baby:

I packed Ellie’s things in her diaper bag. (We love this Skip Hop diaper bag, it’s nice and roomy!) Since the hospital provided diapers, wipes, and a little onesie for her to wear everyday, I only brought a going home outfit, headband, socks, and a few cute blankets (for pictures). I also brought some hand sanitizer (so nice to have for visitors), and since there was extra room, snacks for me and daddy! Having snacks for the middle of the night nursing was great! Having the boppy pillow was nice too.

For daddy:

Daddy’s original plan was to go home during the night, so I didn’t pack much for him. Just some snacks and electronics (tablet, phone, camera, etc). B ended up staying both nights at the hospital and coming home in the morning to shower and change. Next time I’ll remember to throw in a pair of pajamas and a toothbrush just in case. We also packed a season of Friends to watch, it kept us and the nurses entertained!

(Next time I think I’ll throw in some type of thank you for our nurses. We seriously loved our nurses!)