Over the weekend we purchased a washer and dryer for our house - we were seriously lacking in the clean laundry department! (Did I mention we don’t have to use them as counter space?! They’re no longer part of our kitchen!) Sunday morning rolled around and we both needed something clean to wear to church. Thankfully our ward doesn’t meet till one, so I threw in a load in the morning, then started on our dirty breakfast dishes. Fifteen minutes later, I turned around and stepped off the rug into a pond! Our laundry room and kitchen were filled with inches of water! Apparently, one of the pipes came lose during installation, hence the water EVERYWHERE! (Guess that’s what I get for doing laundry on Sunday…;) These pictures don’t even describe how bad it actually was, since they were taken twenty minutes after the fact. Thank goodness for beach towels, shop vacuums, and a husband that jumped into action so we didn’t splish and splash through the water for too long!