We have finally moooooved!

The house with the white picket fence is now our home and we couldn’t be more thrilled. :) This weekend was probably one of the longest weekends, ever. Moving really takes it out of you! Being 8 months pregnant, I felt completely helpless since I couldn’t lift half our heavy boxes and furniture. Thankfully my family was up for the weekend (minus Dad and Spenc who were at Scout camp) to help unload boxes galore! My mom and Erin were saints and completely cleaned our other apartment after everything was moved out. Saints, I tell you! Grace and Zac were my little helpers at the new house, climbing on the counters to put away things on the top shelf, unpacking boxes, etc. We couldn’t have done it without them. B was superman! He took off work early Friday to move boxes, was up early Saturday for furniture moving, and was go-go-go all day long. Not to mention he put up with his hormonal wife all at the same time. :) With all the moving he did, I’m pretty sure he’s never been happier to go to work and sit in a chair! And to the one guy from our old ward that showed up to help, we owe you big time!

We’re slowly getting used to the random creaks and squeaks in this old house. The first night we had the house, my family stayed here (we were at the old apartment), and they got quite the spook! The back door had been left open, unknown to us, so when they came home from our late night dinner to a dark, old creaky house and the back door swinging open, they were a little freaked out. Especially when my mom had to go check the creepy storage basement for “bad guys.” Of course, they didn’t tell me any of this at first since those pregnant hormones tend to make me freak out more, times ten. Instead they had Erin on the phone ready to call the police, and Brian on the phone with my mom as she checked the nooks and cranneys. As soon as that was taken care of, the screen door kept slamming shut due to the wind (although it took awhile to figure out that’s what it actually was!) Yup, they got zero sleep that night! (Perhaps my mom will post the full story here. It’s quite entertaining and humorous when she tells it!)

Give me a few days to get these boxes under control (ok, maybe a few weeks), and then I’ll give you the grand tour of the place. We just love our happy little home. XO.