Look at that belly! Officially only four weeks left till my due date, one week till I’m considered full term. Wahoo! We went to the doctor on Monday, baby is looking good! She is head down, weighing five and a half pounds and I’m dilated to a one. We still can’t believe that this little one will be here before we know it. I have a few last projects to do before she gets here – like unpack all these crazy boxes, refinish her furniture, pack a hospital bag, install the car seat, have a baby shower, finish a few more photo shoots, and take a big trip to the store for all important items - like diapers!! I guess she can keep cooking for a little while longer.

I constantly find myself bumping into things with my belly and my hips all the time! I guess it doesn’t help that our house is still full of boxes that block my path. I looked in the mirror the other day and couldn’t believe how wide my hips were! Guess that means baby time is nearing. :) My heartburn is thankfully gone due to the medicine my doc prescribed for me. The greatest thing ever!

After a few days of no air conditioning in our new house, we finally got it fixed – ahhhhhmazing. My feet and hands haven’t swelled up yet, knock on wood. I tried painting my toes the other day, it was quite humorous! I really can’t reach those toes very well! Putting on shoes is a very similar situation so except on Sundays, I find myself only wearing flip flops. Or going barefoot.

The Braxton Hicks contractions have started and ooooh boy, aren’t they fun. :) I find myself feeling as tired as I did during my first trimester. Sleeping at night has become quite uncomfortable, I’m excited to be back to sleeping on my belly! I find myself sleeping in late but since in a few weeks we probably won’t be sleeping much, I better get as much as I can now, right? ;)