{Me at 22 weeks. Mom was so happy to see my face, finally! Oh, and I’m mucccchhh bigger now.}
Hi guys! Little Zurchling here. You’ve all heard about me, right? Since I'm part of the fam I guess that means I'm part of the blog too. Psh, let's face it, I'm pretty much the star of the blog. You'll be seeing my face all over this place soon. Until then, I'm just growing inside my mama's tummy and being a pain in her ribs, literally. Ha, just wait till I'm a teenager mom, you'll wish it was just a kick in the ribs! I'm quite the little acrobat, I love to flip and somersault. Sometimes mom and dad like to get all up in my personal space while I'm flipping, so I like give them a kick or two. Parents. Mom's been feeding me all kinds of good food lately. I'm definitely a fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream and steak, oh I love a good steak. I am my parents daughter! (Why do people say that? Who else's daughter would I be?) Mom thinks I'm going to be musical like daddy, I always kick when music plays. I'll probably get some of that Zurcher sarcasm from him too. That'll be fun, huh dad? I know mom will want to take pictures of my adorable face all the time, but I've made it pretty clear since the first ultrasound that I'm not really a fan of photos. I've made it pretty difficult for them to get a picture of my face. (It's ok, the stubbornness is a trait inherited from mom.) I'm excited to make my grand appearance (and I know mom is impatiently waiting for that day), but for now I'll stay all cozy and curled up inside. I figure I'll be nice and let my parents sleep through the night for the next two months, because once I'm here they probably will be tired for the next forever years. Yup, I'll be rockin' their world! (but I'll be so cute, they won't even mind :)
P.S. I’ve been cookin’ for 31 one weeks now. That’s a long time, you know! We’re down to single digit weeks till I arrive (that’s right, only 9 left!). Put it on your calendar. It’s going to be a party.