These last two weeks have been a blur. One night we were randomly looking at bigger places to rent on KSL and within a few days we were meeting with the landlord, saying our prayers, filling bags for DI, and buying moving boxes. That’s right, we’re moving! We couldn’t be more excited. Although we’ve loved our first little place, our neighbors, and our ward, we are so excited for the house with the white picket fence. (I still can’t get over how adorable it is!) We will have quite a bit more space (and heaven knows we need it!) and it puts us closer to B’s work. Plus, our washer and dryer will no longer be in our kitchen, we’ll have an actual backyard (!!!!), we won’t hear the neighbors talk below us, our dead, broken down car won’t be used as storage space anymore (ghetttttto!), and I’ll have a whole new canvas to decorate. Can I get a big WOOHOOO!? I’m off to pack some more boxes, and maybe I’ll actually shower today (summer has made me lazzzy!)