Thirrrrrty weeks! I want to shout it from the rooftops! Only nine and a half more weeks till this little munchkin’s due date and we couldn’t be more excited. I sorted through all the baby clothes last week and did multiple loads of laundry. This little one is bound to have a closet as ridiculously full as her mama’s before she’s even born! We hit the jackpot last week when our sweet neighbor gave us bags full of baby girl clothes – and shoes! Ahhhh. Thanks Debbie!

Some days I get sad when I think about not having my pregnant belly in a few months. I am going to miss all the sweet kicks from our baby. Other days I’m dying for it to be September already! I can’t wait to sleep on my belly again, have a back that’s not sore, not get kicked in the ribs, work out harder, and eat without getting heartburn. However, I am loving the fact that my hair has been growing like crazy! I’ve never had it this long in my life. Overall, I’m feeling pretty dang good!

This little baby moves all the time. She recently has decided that 4 am is a perfect time to practice her gymnastics…and wake her mama up. We always try to guess what’s making my tummy poke out: her arms, legs, elbows, bum. She’s getting so big – and so is my tummy! I told B that we’re hiding the scale for the next few months! (Really so I can eat my daily bowl of ice cream and not have to witness the effects :)