The last part of our vacation was spent in Las Vegas. We stayed at the Excalibur (and had our room upgraded for free!), shopped till we dropped, literally, soaked up some sun, and ate the most delicious food! If you have the chance (and the extra cash, it’s a bit pricey) stop by the Wicked Spoon, it’s delicious! We had multiple servings of gelatto and crab legs. To. Die. For. Good.


note to self: jumping on the bed while preggers will indeed make you pee your pants. do not attempt unless wearing depends.


also, when making pb&j sandwiches in the car while driving in the middle of nowhere, remember to pack a knife. or spoon. or any sort of utensil. and if not, then a lot of napkins for your sticky fingers!


thanks for a fun trip, lover. happy anniversary to us!