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The last time B was on a business trip I was at home and B-O-R-E-D out of my mind. I think I vacuumed the floors more those few days he was gone than I have the whole 11.5 months we’ve been married. That’s some insane boredom. This time, his business trip happened to correlate with my photoshoots down here, so I’m not lonely at home! I’ve had so much fun baby shopping, thrifting, helping my mom with girls camp prep, swimming, trying to survive this insane St. George heat, and hanging out with the fam (although I do miss B like crazy!).

Little zurchling lucked out this week with the sales, we stocked up on all kinds of goodies! She’s also been so well behaved and kicks whenever someone puts their hand on my tummy. The other day, Erin was playing her ukulele and she was wiggling like crazy! Perhaps she’ll be all musical just like her daddy. :) Speaking of the babe, we only have 13 weeks till she arrives! Can you believe it? We’ve got a lotttt of preparations to do before then!