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10 things you probably didn’t know about B:

1: he plays guitar and sings in a band. oh, and he writes songs. and can play piano better than me even though he can’t read notes and i took lessons for 5 years. he’s that talented.

2: he knows everything about electronics and gadgets galore. any question you ever have, ask him. and if he doesn’t know, he’ll do all kinds of research to figure it out.

3: he can fix anything. it saves me a whole lot of tears and frustration.

4: he’s full of sarcasm and silly jokes. we can’t ever get into a “real” fight because we end up cracking jokes and laughing on the couch.

5: he took forever to ask me on a date. he claims it wasn’t as long as I exaggerate it to be, but it sure felt like it. ;)

6: he’s a multi-talented multi-tasker. as in, he can have p90x video on, be working out, and watching golf and baseball all at the same time, without losing his balance. it’s pretty darn impressive.

7: he loves good food, coke and mcdonald’s fries probably more than i do.

8: when he grows a beard, it’s bright red. we’ll probably have a few redhead babies. :)

9: he never answers his phone calls. neither do i. we’re two peas in a pod! (although getting a hold of each other can be tricky! ha!)

10: he’s the bestest friend, greatest hubsand, and most wonderful soon-to-be-daddy around. we’re sure lucky to have him!


happy birthday husband! love you!


p.s. thanks to my in-laws for letting me raid their computer last summer for photos of b. aren’t they too cute? lovin that red beard!