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Our Memorial Day was perfect and pretty darn lazy. We spent the morning eating waffles covered in chocolate syrup and whipped cream (breakfast of champions I tell ya!), then washing four days worth of dishes, along with cleaning out the fridge. (I’m embarrassed to admit that we found some cream cheese that expired wayyyy back in November. Seriously? Eww.) It wasn’t till 4pm that we actually got ready for the day and took a hike up the canyon. Ok, we took a hike/walk/gave-the-preggo-woman-piggy-back-rides to the entrance of the canyon. By that point I had already drank/drinked/drunk all the water and was waddling like a penguin, so we touched the gate, and headed back to the car. We had a bbq on our front porch and roasted s’mores galore! Pefect day off with my handsome man!