I’m nineteen weeks along and for the most part, feeling great!

My poor jeans, even with a rubber band, are starting to get real tight. Next stop, maternity jeans, although with this warm weather, I’m tempted to just wear my swimsuit all summer long.

My belly button is starting to disappear. I hadn’t noticed until B pointed out how shallow it was getting. Also, my hair seems to be falling out like crazy. What happened to that gorgeous pregnant hair all the books talk about? Apparently skipped out on that one.

I’ve had a few crabby moments (sorry B), mostly about my shirts not being long enough to cover dear belly and trying to find something to eat (problems fixed with maternity shirts and a big shopping trip to walmart ;).

Little one has been moving a little more frequently. Last night she gave me a soft, but pretty good kick right to where my hand was, then wiggled around a bit more the rest of the night. I love it when she moves around for me and B. I’m hoping this summer goes by pretty fast so we can finally meet little munchkin. I’m already getting anxious!

Also, last night we had a little fun and purchased some pretty awesome lullaby’s for our sweet girl. Yes, Journey and U2 gone lullaby. Check it out here or here or here, perhaps it will make late night feedings a little more fun. ;)