16 weeks116 weeks

Sixteen weeks! Can you believe it? Ok, ok, so I still have a long way to go, but the fact that I made it through the nauseating first trimester, I feel like I need to celebrate! Woo! (ok, ok, the first trimester wasn’t that bad, I’m just glad it’s over!)

The nausea has worn off and I’m back to eating, mostly plain, simple things. My favorite thing lately: Einstein bagels and cereal. I have been eating so much cereal, I’ve started buying the super large family size boxes for myself. Yes, I can go through a big box of rice krispies in less than a week. Mmmm. Also on that list: red meat! I feel like a man as I down a few hamburgers or a large thing of steak.

Swimming laps has become my new favorite workout. I love it! Last time we were at the gym, B gave me a two minute heads up and I was begging him for at least five minutes more. I never, ever, ever ask for more time at the gym! I’ve also learned to eat something right after I swim. The one time I didn’t, I ended up passing out (which doesn’t feel so great). Luckily B was there to catch me and witness the pure awesomeness of my eyes staying creepily wide open!

Favorite thing thus far: the lady tots have been a growing! There’s a section of shirts in my closet that I can’t wear, not because of my baby bump, but because the ladies won’t fit! Thank you pregnancy for getting me past the awkward I-look-like-a-twelve-year-old-but-I’m-really-twenty stage.

Do you want to know a secret??? We, being crazy impatient parents, had an early ultrasound…..and found out the gender of our sweet munchkin!! Eeeeeeeek! We’re pretty giddy around this house. What do you think it is? Take your final guess here before we announce it --------------------->