HOT AIR copy

(this picture has absolutely no correlation with this post whatsoever. but who doesn’t love hot air balloons. )


1: Staying up till midnight the night before does not  make for a very patient husband & wife (ahem, mainly wife)

2: We have a whole heck of a lot of furniture in not a lot of space. A teeny tiny space. How ikea does it, we’ll never know.

3: Never move the TV facing the window. Duh. The glare is not fun. Neither is moving it back to it’s original location.

4: Someone needs to work out their arms (cough, cough……me)  in order to lift that large TV. Now that should have been videoed.

5: I’m probably the most fun person to move furniture with. Husband would agree. I like to see it moved around to every possible spot, then decide where I want it. Hee, hee.

6: When finished, eating a whole roll of girl scout thin mints makes all the pain in my sore arms worth it. :)


ok, ok, moving furniture wasn’t that torturous. the girl scout cookies were actually that glorious however. yup, it’s my favorite time of the year when the girl scout cookies come out.