We made it to 14 weeks, can you believe it? I thought I’d be stuck in the first trimester for  forever. (apparently with pregnancy I’ve gotten more dramatic!)

The morning sickness is almost gone and my appetite is back! Goodness, it feels so good to eat again.  That’s all I want to do now, eat, eat, eat! Ask B, I can down quite a few rolls of (cooked) sushi, all by myself! Mmmm.

This sweet little one just keeps growing, making outfit choices in the morning quite difficult. I can’t stand having anything rest on my stomach, so my choices are limited. Usually I walk around the house pantless (scandalous, I know!) and throw on a dress if it’s completely necessary. Like, dire circumstances necessary.

B has been really good about putting up with my pregnancy mood swings. Poor guy, since the day we got married I’ve been either crazy from that dreadful thing called birth control or from being knocked up. Whether it’s being overly happy to a downright emotional freak, he’s been there for it all. And he always goes to the grocery store with a long list and picks up whatever I’m craving that week. Isn’t he the greatest hubs?

Along with this pregnancy has come some intense irritation and rage. I’m just going to blame the hormones! Incident #1: The other day, as I was walking to the checkout at the grocery store with my one loaf of French bread, some man cut me off with his cart filled with groceries. This cart was piled high people! Don’t worry, I chased him through the parking lot, with the intent of whacking him with my one loaf of bread and chewing him out. Thankfully (for his sake), I run out of breath quickly and just couldn’t keep up with him. Next time, next time. Incident #2: Someone. Touched. The. Belly. I’ve been ranting about this for over a week now,  B can verify (he’s sick of it! pretty sure he’ll pounce at anyone who gets close to my stomach, just so he doesn’t have to hear me whine and complain about it anymore!)  If you are my husband or have been given verbal permission by pregnant lady, you can touch the bump. Otherwise, hands to yourself. Please.

In about a month, we’ll find out whether baby zurchling is a boy or a girl! What’s your guess? Let us know over here ------------>