after weeks of waiting, we finally had our first doctor appointment.
dropping my drawers in the middle of a doctors office was slightly awkward,
but I guess I should probably get used to the fact...
t it will become a common theme these next seven months.

this whole prego thing finally felt real once we saw that little heart beating away.
I’ve been dying to see that little blurry baby in a picture since the day one.
I’m really going to be a mommy! ultrasounds are seriously the greatest.

lately, leggings and “librarian sweaters,” as my mom calls them,
 have been my go-to outfit around the house.
I only put on “real” outfits for dire circumstances. Or for church.
I rubber band my jeans together so I can wear them like a thug real low. 
I can’t stand them being tight around my tummy.

Cravings for this week: fruity, fruity, fruity everything, and potatoes in any form 
(especially french fry form)