Thank you for all your sweet, sweet comments!
We couldn’t be more excited to have a little Zurchling on the way, and share the news with you!
I contemplated waiting to tell everyone till I was a little further along,
in fact it’s “recommended” to wait just in case of miscarriage. But if we are going to miscarry,
I’d rather have our friends and family around for support, rather than keep it our sad secret.
The initial shock/freak out is over now.
But we’re still finding it hard to believe that there’s a zurchling in there!
Not much of a belly, if there is it’s just bloating. Blah.
As for being sick, as long as I’m eating every. single. hour. my tummy feels fine.
This week little zurchling wants icecream, apples, chili and mustard on everything
(I have never liked mustard until now!) but refuses to eat anything chocolate.
(are we sure this is my child??)
The worst part is the smell of food.It drives me wild!
I can’t stand any lingering smell in our house, so cooking is very limited to sandwiches and other things with minimal smells.
The other day we cooked our crockpot dinner on the front porch to avoid our house smelling up a storm.
(it works like a charm by the way! home cooked meal and no icky smells)
I pretty much take naps everyday and have to pee a whole heck of a lot.
In fact, I just watched the Ellen show and had to get up three times to pee. Three!!!
TMI? Sorry. :)
We couldn’t be more excited for baby z to arrive.
If you have any little zurchling questions feel free to ask!
Pretty sure it’s already nap time!