January 9, 2012

Today, I found out we are pregnant.

I’m freaking out right now. In a happy, excited, I-cant-believe-I-have-a-little-Zurchling-inside-of-me kind of way.

It started out when I got an email from Old Navy advertising their sale for the week. I don’t usually click on those emails, but today, I did. I found myself drooling over all the baby onesies, beanies, and itty bitty clothes.
That’s when I had the thought.

Take a pregnancy test.

A pregnancy test? I wasn’t excepted to have my period for two more days. And there is no way  we could be preggers.

Ok, ok, there was a good chance we could be. I mean after all, we’re still newlyweds…:)

I grabbed a pregnancy test out of my dresser drawer.

Shaking, I peed on that little stick.

I kept telling myself that I couldn’t cry if I wasn’t pregnant.

It’s ok. I mean, we weren’t planning on being preggers this soon anyway.

But secretly I wanted to be.

I carried that stick around with me waiting the three minutes for the big reveal.

I took a peek at it.


I threw the stick on top of the washer machine as my mouth dropped to the floor.

Then I peeked at it again.

Still pregnant.

I cried. Then giggled. Then screamed. And jumped up and down.

At this point I did what any sane expecting mother would do,

I went shopping.

Now, I’m trying to pass the time right now before B gets home so I can tell him the big news.

Seeing his face will be priceless.

I’m folded and refolded the baby outfits I bought.

I’ve pinned a bunch of baby necessities on Pinterest.

I’ve read chapter after chapter of the Pregnancy Bible (what to expect when expecting)

And keep looking at the stick.

Yup, I’m still pregnant.

20 more minutes till daddy gets home.




That’s right.

This fall we’ll be a family of 3.