Before we got married, we bought our dining room table and two chairs off of KSL (like Craigslist) for supppper cheap. We spent a few weekends sanding them down and painting them. Inspired by Monica Geller’s table, we painted our table black and chairs blue. I found two more chairs at the DI and decided, while it was still sunny and warm outside, to fix them up. Here’s one of the lovely chairs before. The fabric had a bunch of stains on it and the wood just didn’t match anything else in our house. Sadly, I don’t have a picture of the other chair beforehand.


Some sanding and a few coats later, this is what they looked like. With a gift card in hand, I walked over to Joann’s (I love having 2 fabric stores within walking distance!) and chose two different fabrics. Then I just stapled them to the cushions. The people who owned these chairs before had recovered them, so I ripped off a few layers of fabric until I got down to the original layer. Then I just covered that fabric with my own. I’m pretty sure a staple gun would have worked wonders, but I only had a regular stapler. It worked out ok, but I would definitely  recommend a staple gun!


Here are the after pictures. I love how they turned out! Along with the flowers from the hubs, the chairs definitely brighten up our dining room.