-Sewing through my finger yesterday. holy holy painfulness. Being the little documenter that I am, I had to run all through our apartment to find my camera, then my memory card, then position my finger in the perfect light. ( I told B if I ever break my arm or crack my head open he has to take a photo first before helping me out of my pain and agony. Crazzzy, I know) Once photographing, I had to pull that stinkin needle out with my teeth, while I held my finger with  my other hand. Pretty sure I was shaking like crazy and about to pass out. TMI? Sorry.

-The odd outfits I wear outside to check the mail or take out the trash. No, I do not feel the need to get ready to walk a few steps. Pretty sure my neighbors have seen me sporting shorts and no shoes in the snow, full on pink sweats and sweatshirt, knee high tie dye socks, bed head, work out hair, the hubs shoes, anything by the front door really. Poor, poor neighbors.

-I’ve been craving fruits and vegetables lately. Yes, actual healthy foods.  This morning I had a banana for breakfast, not a cookie. Something is wrong people, way wrong.

-Having to pee in the middle of class. First I tap my feet anxiously, then my legs start swinging, then I start bouncing in my chair. Suddenly I’m faced with a dilemma. The part of me that was trained oh so well in elementary school wants to raise my hand and ask “Teacher, can I go to the bathroom, please?” while the other part of me says “Get over it, you’re in college and the professor doesn’t even know your name.” That leads to the awkward moment walking across the whole classroom, in front of the lecturing teacher, and accidently slamming the door on the way out.

-Speaking of professors, in my last class the professor wasn’t wearing any shoes. Just socks. Weird.

-The twelve lovely credits I’m taking. Yup, only twelve. I’m ecstatic to not have classes on Friday and to be done with class by noon every day. (Not so awesome: the two science classes I’m taking. Yup, two. I’m more of an artsy person, not sit around and discuss atoms and nebulas for hours on end kind of person)

-Shopping for baby clothes for our friends new little bebe. Pretty sure I’d rather shop for tiny clothes than my own. (gasp! it’s true!) Not to mention they’re ten times cuter as well!

-We booked our flight to Hawaii!!!! Yes, that’s right, one week of papayas, beach time, mangoes,  free condo to stay in (thanks gram!), sunshine, bronzed skin, the best little Chinese restaurant, and time with my handsome man. Now I just have to make it through the semester!