B has always claimed his oreos shakes are the best. I must say, I have to agree. Half a carton of icecream + one package of oreos = best shakes in the world. Don’t worry about calculating fat content or calories – you’ll eat the entire shake regardless, it’s just that good. Pretty sure this is a finals week staple!
Speaking of which, if you’re like me and you’re avoiding prepping for finals, here are some foolproof ways to avoid it for awhile. First, head on over here for some Christmas in the city. I cannot get enough of her photos. NYC for the holidays? Yes please. Then, enter this darling giveaway or make homemade wrapping paper with inspiration from here. And if you’re a sensitive soul, you’re in for a good cry during this movie trailer. Oh how I love Rachel McAdams. Yup, pretty sure I’ve got you started on the road to procrastination. :)