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this weekend was spent:

finalizing new car details (boo for poor dead car, yay for new(ish) car!)

second shooting at a wedding with jalene in the freezing. cold. wind.

making homemade pizza with the hubs (well, maybe we only homemade the sauce. but still, it was delicious!)

game night with the cousins + lots of delicious desserts

and crafting with justina and her cute kids (darling kids shown above. us? not pictured. oops)


and for some other important matters of business:

you should probably check out nie nie’s preview for her new book. ahhh, i love it. i will be preordering, join me!

no. more. school. (for this week anyway) hip hip hooray!

i met a fellow reader (hi ali!) while buying my healthy salad for lunch (+a large brownie with it. healthy? not so much).

crossing our fingers the car dealio works out so tomorrow we can head to st. george baby!

how i manage to mess up an easy crock pot recipe, i don’t know. poor starving husband.

ok, he isn’t going to starve. we’re going out a double date tonight with chris and sara, so he will be fed! woohoo :)



raise your hand if you’re ready for this food-and-family-filled weekend!