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my twentieth birthday was exactly how birthdays ought to be, happy and sugar filled!

my day went as follows: eat cinnamon rolls, attend class, eat more cinnamon rolls, avoid housework and homework at all cost, succeed in avoiding previously mentioned duties, prance around in homemade construction paper crown (reallll mature), eat chocolate, watch too many espisodes of gilmore girls, shake presents to see what is inside (also real mature), eat more chocolate, staple together pieces of paper for banners (ghetto? maybe), read mom’s cute blog post, greet B with a big kiss, open presents and squeal when opening each one, another cinnamon roll, take pictures with new instax camera (whooooo!), eat more sugar, order food at olive garden, take more pictures, pumpkin cheesecake (mmmm mmm mmmmm), and finish off the evening with noah and ali in the notebook (with popcorn and hot tamales and a husband who stayed awake through the whole thing. oh and chocolate. yay!).  now imagine me saying that really fast. and in an accent. it makes the whole thing wayy better.

twentieth birthday, you were sure good to me.




i may still be on a sugar high.