Hi, we're the Zurcher's - party of five!
 It started out just He & I, and over the last several years, our family has grown in size. 
Want the low down on these faces behind the blog? Here's the cliff-notes version: 

Alexa: Enjoys sneaking cookies for breakfast and snapping too many pictures. Self taught graphic designer, unathletic, and too afraid to watch scary movies. 

Brian: Electronic enthusiast, weekend golfer, and world's best dad (we're not biased at all :) Coke Zero is his drink of choice and if our kids get any musical talent, it's because of him. 

Ellie: Sweet, spunky, and smart as a whip. She's five going on fifteen, loves playing dress ups and making waffles on Saturday mornings. 

Addie: Newly minted two year old, Disney princess fan, and mirrors her older sister's every move. Cheesy smiles are her specialty and she never ceases to make us laugh. 

Lucy: The newest member of our family and pro at melting us with her smiles, spitting up on freshly mopped floors, and letting us ooh and ahh over her.

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