Lucy's Blessing Day

Our sweet Lucy Jane received a beautiful blessing on September 24, 2017. Our families all came to town - and it was a beautiful day surrounded by all the people who adore our sweet Lou. Since our church time is so late (2:30!) and it was our very first day with our new ward/congregation after our split, we had a little luncheon beforehand. The food was delicious and the weather was perfect, so we ate outside. :) Three cheers for our Lucy Jane!


Blessing Dress: Osh Kosh
Blessing Blanket: Old - I've uses it for all of my girls blessings
Lucy Bow: Little Poppy Co 
Decor: Coming soon to the shop! 
Food: Pinwheels from Costco, homemade pasta ceasar salad, fruit and veggie tray, Mama Call sugar cookies, Mama Zurcher chocolate cake. 


  1. What a beautiful blessing for your baby girl - and such gorgeous photos! x

  2. I love all of these photos!! They're so cute! :)