Ellie said the cutest dinner prayer Monday night and included "and thank you that we can make brownies for dessert." So, brownies we made! I mean, how could we not? (Also, #pregnancycravings :) The girls were good helpers and mixed everything together, and then licked the beaters, as per tradition. (Addie licked the counter, too.) They were covered in chocolate by the end, and I found several chocolate hand prints on the wall, but it was the perfect family night dessert! 

P.S. I've tried making several homemade brownie recipes, but our tried and true favorites come from a box. Ghirardelli triple chocolate brownies from Costco, every time! 


  1. I need some cute baking helpers!

  2. Haha, hints much Ellie! That chocolate all over their faces and clothes says that they had a really fun time.

  3. The girls are getting so big! Love Ellie's prayer... I'm always a sucker when that stuff happens.