Heyyy Park City!

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Happy week of Halloween! I’m trying not to eat ten tons of candy, but guys, it’s so hard! I swear, that chocolate is calling me by name! ;) Ellie has her costume all ready, and Addie…well I’m sure hers will be whipped up the morning of Halloween because that’s just how I’m rolling these days. Procrastination at it’s finest! I wish I had a few festive Halloween photos to share, but like I said, procrastination. ;) Instead, while sorting through my oh so full memory card, I found these photos from our spontaneous trip to Park City last month. The weekend of Ellie’s birthday, we decided to take a little family trip…forty five minutes away! Ha! It was the perfect little getaway in the sunshine. Ellie and Brian rode the Alpine Slide (and loved every minute of it!), we swam in the hotel pool, jumped on the king size bed, and Brian and I shopped while our two very worn out kiddos slept. We walked and hiked and walked some more and celebrated our little birthday girl. Ellie was dying to ride the trolley (thank you Daniel Tiger!), but it’s only open during skiing season, so looks like we’ll have to plan another little getaway this winter! ;)

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  1. So fun! My family recently moved from KS to AZ. Hoping that as we visit them we can take road trips around the western part of the country. I haven't been to Utah or Nevada yet! It looks so gorgeous there! :) XO -Alexandra

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  2. That sounds like a fun trip!!

  3. Cute photos :)
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    Maria V.

  4. So fun! Little getaways are sometimes all that's feasible with kids. PS, I sent you an email about a month ago :)

  5. We love our city select! So fun that you guys got a hotel and everything!