6 weeks

Outfit: BabyGap | Blanket: Aden and Anais | Bow: StickyBliss

Our Addie girl is 6 weeks old! Could someone push the pause button? The last 6 weeks absolutely flew by. If I could spend all day snuggling this angel baby, I would. Addie is sleeping longer stretches at night (about 5 hours!) and does not like to be disturbed while dozing. We’re still working on being quiet during naptime. ;) She still has a lingering cold but her quiet, calm spirit has not faded since birth. She’s happy as a clam, quiet as a mouse, and oh so sweet. She eats like a champ and has a double chin and squishy cheeks to prove it! I attempted to weigh her at home a week or two ago and she was at least 8 lbs. She grew out of her newborn clothes in a flash! She doesn’t love her car seat, unless we are on the freeway and tolerates her sister very well. She doesn’t mind all the extra love Ellie gives. Oh this little lady has us completely smitten and wrapped around her tiny finger. ❤


  1. She is so beautiful!

  2. Ohhhh how you make me want another baby! She is so perfect!

  3. Can't believe little miss is already 6 weeks old! She is seriously such a little angel.

    Dearest Lou

  4. Oh my goodness. She is so beautiful. Makes me want another little one. Sigh.

  5. She's SO precious! Love these photos... Makes me miss when my little boy was that small... He's coming up on ten months now, and I can't believe how fast it has flown by! Give her an extra squeeze while she's still small enough to not wiggle away! haha