Water Baby


While at my parents house all last week, Ellie spent most of her time running around the backyard. I captured a few pictures of her while wearing her swimsuit, but let’s face it, most of the time she was running wild with crazy hair sporting only panties. :) She even warmed up to Uncle Spenc, previously known as “the scary guy.” They’re well on their way to becoming BFF’s! (Even if he did kink the hose a few times and have it spray in her face! Ha! I guess that’s payback since I spent my childhood doing that to him :)


  1. Cracking up at the kinked hose / water in her face comment. ;) Loved having you and your girlie here all week. Come back soooon! Oh wait, you are!! Yay!!! xoxoxooxox

  2. These may be some of the best summertime photos I've ever seen! So precious and it's so great that you could capture all of those memories!

  3. I always love your photos of your sweet girl. You are a fun mama and it reflects in her! Cute cute.