Father’s Day in Photos

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Ellie’s dress: BabyGap My dress: c/o Pink Blush Maternity
Ellie and I loved spending the day celebrating Brian (and her grandpas!) As a Father’s Day gift, Ellie woke up in the cutest, happiest mood (a little earlier than preferred, but whatever ;) and showered him with hugs, kisses, and “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY” wishes (unintentional rhyming there!) By some absolute miracle (or Ellie’s early awakening) we were ready for church a HALF HOUR EARLY. So in true Alexa fashion, I loaded up our tripod and we trekked through a weed filled park to get a few Father’s Day photos before arriving at church – on time! These two are troopers to put up with the endless photos we take. Not pictured: Hanging out with the nursery kiddos during church (hello snack time!) !our delicious dinner (Ribs! Strawberry spinach salad! Twice baked potatoes!), Ellie’s epic meltdown / timeout during dinner (two year olds! :) We sure loved celebrating this guy all day! He’s seriously the best.


  1. What a trooper to agree to a photoshoot on Father's Day ;) love your dress! And I think you're kind of crazy for posting this at 4 am, that baby is going to be waking you up at that time pretty soon! haha

  2. PRECIOUS photos--loving all the colors! the very bottom left picture is my favorite--so cute. :) and your dress is just darlin'!

  3. Ellie is getting so big and your dress is adorable!!

  4. I love the Ellie is trying to hold her baby bump too! so cute! I love your dress, looks like you guys had a great fathers day!