Patterns Part 3!

I’m so excited to share my last few patterns from last month. I had so much fun pushing myself to come up with new patterns – plus it was fabulous practice as well! Now I’m trying to decide what challenge to take on next. Send some ideas my way! ;)

**All images and patterns copyright Alexa Zurcher. Not available for download. If interested in purchasing a pattern, please email me at Thanks!**

crab patternheart patternlemon patternice cream patternkid pattern

Another Ellie pattern :)
wedding cake patternbike patterntriangle patternfish pattern

And in honor of our newest family members – fish! More on that later ;)


  1. I love the lemons and the bicycles!!

  2. Do a London pattern! Red double deckers, the Union Jack, taxis, Big Ben!

  3. The fish one is my favorite!

  4. I've been loving this series so much. My phone background appreciates it too. (I seriously change it on the daily because I love them so much.)