Ellie Says

Sweater: Gap |  Hat & Scarf: Jacob’s Scarves


Ellie says:
-Upon finding some candy on the kitchen counter “Ooooh!” *squeal* “I LOVE IT!”
-Talking to a little boy we babysit “Hey babe! Come here babe!”
-“Oh nooooooooo! Where Coral go?” while watching Finding Nemo
-Chanting “He’s outta there!” while watching baseball with Daddy, along with “Strike!!”
-“Hi Gramma. You hear me? Ok, bye!” talking into a hello kitty toy / ”phone”
-After her afternoon nap, she tells me “Good morning. Sleep good!”
-“Time diaper change!” after bringing me diaper and wipes, undressing herself (diaper included!) and lying on the floor. (time to potty train??)


  1. seriously love love love the things toddlers say! they are so funny!

  2. Gosh she is so cute. I remember reading your blog when she was just a little peanut (she still is little though) and it's so great to see how much he personality has developed ever since. She seems like the cutest!