Christmas 2014


2013: Year of the stomach flu. 2014: Another year of the flu! :) 2015: I’m crossing my fingers for you! Ellie and I spent our entire Christmas break with Influenza A, yuck! But it still beat the stomach flu epidemic of Christmas 2013. That was the worst!


My mom slaved over a beautiful and delicious Christmas Eve dinner. Ellie and I were feeling a little better that night and actually ate at the table! (after a week of hanging out on the couch :)


Christmas books before bed. Ellie even got to set out treats for Santa Claus! Finally!


Annual Christmas PJ photo. Five minutes later Ellie spilled all over her cute new PJs and had to change. Oops!


I won this darling teepee at an event a few months ago and it made for a cute Christmas gift. Still working on finding the perfect spot for it in our house, but man it’s adorable.


A Canadian beanie from our favorite missionary! Best part of Christmas was skying with my brother in Canada. (5 more months until he’s home!!)


The aftermath. :) Minus that part about being sick for 9+ days, it was a Christmas for the books!



  1. Hope you feel better soon! That teepee is darling! So is your family! <3

  2. The teepee that Ellie got is adorable. I hope you get feeling better soon! PS: I love the new blog design!

  3. My nephews both got a teepee too! They loved it! :)

  4. Every picture makes me smile!! Despite the yucky, miserable sickies, we still managed to make a few great memories!!! xoxoxoxoxo Love you!

  5. ok Ellie isn't mine but I think I need a huge canvas of the red bow, red sweater in front of the tree to hang in my house every Christmas !!!!

  6. just catching up on happenings in your neck of the woods. such exciting stuff!