Party Inspiration Board and DIY Tassel Invitations

We just spent the weekend celebrating our two year old. That’s right, Ellie is now TWO! We sang “happy birthday” a million times and had a fun little party. I have a few fun birthday ideas and DIY’s planned for this week, plus pictures from E’s party, too! First up, a little party inspiration and invitations.

Two year old party inspiration board, colorful party,

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I wasn’t originally planning on throwing a big party for Ellie, until I found the straws pictured above. We were walking through Ikea one evening and those bright, colorful straws were just begging to party! I had previously spent weeks trying to come up with a theme for Ellie’s birthday. She loves Anna from Frozen, Mickey Mouse, Elmo and animals. How was I supposed to choose one of those for her? Or combine them all? Can you imagine a dog/Anna/Mickey/Elmo/animal themed party. It would be nuts! So I tried to drop the whole party thing all together. Until the straws came along.

Tassel Banner Invitation - 2 year old Birthday Party - Tassel Garland

I decided to ditch the theme and just go happy and bright! It totally describes Miss Ellie, plus I knew I could make the party budget friendly and simple. We have a park right across the street from our house with a pavilion that is perfect for parties. I wasn’t too keen on planning games and activities since were inviting a wide range of kids and ages. I knew Ellie would be happier digging in the woodchips and playing on the slide. So we kept it simple with a party at the park. After attending this fun party with a breakfast dessert bar, I decided to do the same for Ellie. She loves, and I mean LOVES, waffles. Breakfast food in the middle of the day? Why not! (P.S. Our tried and true waffle maker died a week before Ellie’s party. Perfect timing, right?!)

Colorful 2 Year old Party, DIY Tassel Garland InvitationTissue Paper Tassel Banner - Tassel Banner Invitation

I tried to keep the invitations simple and cohesive with the overall feel of the party. Before I printed the invites, I had already make some tassel banners, so I included a mini version on the invites. I wanted this to be more of an open house, so I was sure to include “swing by or stay while.” While we made quite a few invitations, I decided to save on stamps so anyone not within walking distance got a lame facebook invite ;) Mini tassel tutorial below!

Tissue Paper Tassel Banner - Tassel Banner Invitation, two year old party, colorful birthday party


Mini Tassel Banner DIY
1: Cut a small piece of tissue paper into a small rectangle.
2: Fold tissue paper in half.
3: Cut small strips from the bottom, leaving a bit of room on top.
4: Twist the top of the tassel together
5: Repeat steps until you have multiple tassels ready for your invitations
6: Align tassels on invites and run through sewing machine. (You will have to hold them down and adjust them periodically so they stay where you want them to!)


  1. You throw the cutest parties! Those invitations are darling. :)

  2. So glad I stumbled across your blog! Love this! My parents are overseas and I think the party in a box could be a cool idea :) beautiful pics.