Healthy Donuts

healthy donuts

I know what you’re thinking. Healthy donuts? Is there really such a thing!? Sure! As long as you take away the sugar, dough, and that delicious frosting. Ha. 

Growing up, we used to beg my dad for donuts. By “donuts” we meant apples cut into rings. We loved it when he made them for us! A few months ago he cut some up for Ellie, she was an instant fan. It was so much easier for her to hold. The other morning we decided to take our “donuts” to the next level. We decorated them with peanut butter, jam, yogurt, and granola. And boy, they were tasty! Perfect for a snack or quick breakfast. And if you couldn’t tell by the little hands in the picture, E couldn’t get enough!

apple donutsapple donutshealthy apple donutsapple donuts

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  1. You are so cute. I am in love with your blog and your cute family and wish that Milo and Ellie could be BFF's.

  2. What a cute idea! Joshua would love those. :)

  3. such a great idea! i can't wait to try with my little girl.

  4. So fun, and MUCH healthier! and thanks for the link to the amazing giveaway, crossing my fingers! :D

  5. My girls would love these! Just wanted to check in with you. Did you ever get my email about sponsorship? I've extended your ad. Let me know what I can do to promote you. Love your blog and shop by the way!

    1. Oh you're the best! I can't seem to fins your email anywhere I am so sorry! Thank you so much for letting me sponosor your blog, love it! Feel free to take any of your fav posts to promote , any way you promote is fabulous!! Thank you!!!!