life lately


^^ welcome spring! ^^


^^ park days with ellie. we found a new park down the street that has a big kid playground. this brave little girl insists on going down the big kids slides all by herself. ^^


^^ papa bear pancakes, mama bear pancakes, and not pictured baby bear pancakes. just the way we like them ^^


^^ speaking of being a big kid, she loves to sit at the dinner table with us. forget the highchair, the booster seat, just give her a chair and a real fork please ^^


^^ we cover the dining room table in butcher paper every week and Ellie and I spend hours drawing. ^^


^^ mommy daughter date for some sugar cookies. I’m serious when I say we found a cookie ten times better than Swig’s Sugar Cookie. Don’t believe me? Try Dippedee in American Fork. MMMMM! ^^


^^ Little strawberry baskets to organize all our art supplies in the kitchen ^^


^^ Daddy let her play with Lucky Charms and it turned into this. ;) We still have crumbs in the cracks of our floor. Ha. It made my heart happy when she started drawing in all the crumbs. Future artist? ;) ^^


^^ And a big cheeser smile. This girl just learned how to say “happy happy happy!” and it makes me even happier to hear it ^^


  1. Oh that pictures are so happy and funny!
    I know this doesn't have to do anything with this post but: how do you pronounce your family name?
    Love your blog!

  2. I can't get over how adorable she is. I'm pretty sure I post the same generic comment about how cute she is on every post, but it's because it's so true!

  3. So sweet! I can't believe her one tooth on the bottom, that picture is priceless!! You do a great job of seeing the joy in life even when things get messy or inconvenient. And that can be hard to do, so admirable!

  4. Dippidee is just down the road from my parents' house, so growing up we'd swing by once a week to share some chocolate cake! Best family tradition ever!

  5. I LOVE that sweet little girl so much! You are the best mom for her spirited, spunky personality! So good at letting her be independent, fun-loving, adventurous, and happy, happy, happy! Can't wait to see all of you this weekend. Gram is ready for some play time, lovin, and all around fun! xoxoxoxox

  6. hahaha she is the cutest! its nice to have some nice weather so you guys can get outside, I'm sure.