Happy Sunday!


Loved this quote from the Secret Life of Walter Mitty – a must see! Happy Sunday! xo


  1. Loved that movie! Hope you had a happy Sunday! :)

  2. That movie was amazing! Love this quote.

  3. That movie was amazing! Love this quote.

  4. I've been wanting to see this but so many people have said it is dumb, I'm going to go see it anyways. I trust your opinion:)

  5. That is a good quote, Can't wait to see the movie.

    I like your blog!


  6. Hello Alexa!
    I was wondering if you could make a post that is sort of a beginner's guide to graphic design. I love the prints and stuff that you make and I'm interested in taking a shot at it myself. The only problem is I don't have any idea where to start! What design software do I use? Where can I find the best fonts? How do I know what colors will accent each other?! Help me out! Hahah. It would mean soooo much!
    Thank you!