“'Cause you're a dream to me”

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I had to honor of photographing one of my very best friend’s proposal last week! Halie and I have been partners in crime since we were six months old living in Arizona. She’s one of those friends where it doesn’t matter how much time has passed, when we get together we start right back where we left off. Jason proposed to Halie in the cutest little shop, The London Market (Halie spent the summer in London, lucky lucky girl!) Pair that with a You’ve Got Mail song and you’ve got a picture perfect proposal. Ok, ok, enough jabbering, onto the photos!


That my friends, is pure JOY!


Congratulations Halie & Jason!!


  1. AHHH! I. love. it. Thanks sooo much!

  2. So excited for Halie and Jason!! They are so amazing together. I am also so very thankful for the friendship the two of you have! Jeanna and I hope you two have what we have in each other - a constant cheerleader, friend, sister, supporter, helper, sharer of ideas, and always there for each other no matter what! Congrats to Halie & Jason!!

  3. Cute!!!!!! I love proposal pictures!!! Good job!

  4. Sweetest ever..... Like I said on Facebook, Jason was my NT tutor.. I was getting bad grades on my test, so he helped me study then I got A's and B's! And it was volunteer, so he didn't get paid. He is so nice! He was also in my English class. I am so so happy for him!!! Great photo's, Lex!!

  5. These pictures are just perfect! :] And what a fun proposal! So sweet!

  6. All of this just makes me sooo happy! Love them both, and I'm so glad you were there Alexa! The pictures couldn't be more perfect!

  7. so adorable! this melts my heart.

    xo. m.

  8. Cute site for a happy occasion, lovely photos Alexa.

  9. Do you think they would let us use their story and photos for our wedding blog?!

    1. I bet they would! Here's her facebook, you can send her a message! https://www.facebook.com/halie.mortensen