a little bit of life…in pictures of course

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This is the extent of our Halloween decorations. Brian noted that this was “the most you’ve decorated for this holiday, ever!”

IMG_0130 copy

Daddy gave Ellie her first taste of chocolate chips. Take a look at that face! Bet you couldn’t tell she loved them ;)

IMG_0104IMG_0196 copy

Taking walks with daddy, our favorite golfer.

IMG_9756 copy

Bare feet, chilly floors, and lazy mornings.


Friends, baby blessings, borrowed jackets, and breakfast.

IMG_0209 copyIMG_0078 copy

Rocks, dirt, and dad, three of this girl’s favorite things!


  1. what lovely bits from life. love these!

  2. I'm sure her first taste was SWEET ;). Such a nice blog! I'm loving it

  3. I didn't decorate very much for Halloween either. But your pumpkins are daring!

  4. why are you guys the cutest family in the history of the world ever?! OMG! The last pic on the left.. I die.

  5. Love this post! I love your pumpkins! My Abbigail loves chocolate chips too! I gave her a taste once and now every time she seems something that even resembles a bag of chocolate chips she gets excited and starts signing "please!" I've created an addict!

  6. So sweet! Those pumpkins are cute too. We have a little fall wreath on our door that is just a unch of wooden leaves. Other than that we have never decorated for halloween haha

  7. i love that you document your life so beautifully. what wonderful memories you will have reminders of.
    and holiday decorations, i'll just work on getting my house in order first haha.

  8. LEX! Your pumpkins are to die for!!! Ha talk about the Halloween grouches over here! You are upstaging me with your 3 decorations:) That picture of Ellie in that coat is so darling. I love her!

  9. Girls do love their Daddies, just something special about that- maybe it's the comfort of that big hand wrapped around your little one.

  10. I LOVE her belly in that last picture! So cute!! :) Also, your painted pumpkins are just perfect! I might have to do that this year since I'm not a big fan of carving them!