and then he put a ring on it


(photos by J Taylor Photography)

Happy engagement day to us! We always skip the Valentines day celebrations and celebrate today instead! Plus, half off candy? I’ll take it! So glad this guy popped the question! (Although neither of us can remember if I actually said yes. I kissed him and got that ring on my finger pronto, good enough, right?) We are sneaking away for a date today, just the two of us! Sure do love this man of mine!


  1. That's a fun tradition! Everywhere is so packed on Valentine's Day anyway! Happy engagement anniversary!

  2. You're looking fantastic Lex! Enjoy the sunshine this weekend in STG it's BEAUtiful! :D

  3. you guys. are too dang adorable. loving your outfit! and you look really, really fantastic! enjoy your anniversary evening. :)


  4. It's good to celebrate all the happy times in our life! This is definately a memorable one and look at all the wonderful times you've had together already. I hear Ellie clapping her little hands for you in the background.......

  5. Thanks for heading down to hang out with us this weekend!! We absolutely LOVED all of the Ellie time we got. Yay for you two getting a couple good dates together!! Thanks for all of the fun memories. See you in a couple your neck of the woods! xoxoxoxo love ya, mama