and before I forget: a halloween post

I’ll be the first to admit: I’m kind of a Halloween grinch. Its not my cup of tea. Christmas, on the other hand, is a different story. We did manage to do a few Halloween-y activities this season (and yes, I even enjoyed them!):


the banner that is one of our three measly Halloween decorations


caramel apples that turned out way better than last year’s attempt!


Ellie the mermaid


Our failed visit to the pumpkin patch. We made three trips back to the car for wallets and pacifiers, forgot cash, refused to pay the hideous ATM fee, and finally decided to set the camera on the car for a quick hunched picture and get the heck outta there!


our cheaper, hassle free pumpkins from the grocery store


brian the master carver who finished 2.5 pumpkins due to this mama taking care of a very fussy baby :)


and our family of jack-o-lanterns!

See, I’m not a total grinch. :) Now onto my favorite holiday season and someone’s twenty first birthday!

p.s. I’ve eaten sooooooo much candy. Someone come take it away from me!


  1. Wow! He really is a master carver! Those pumpkins are awesome!

  2. Love this post!! Those pumpkins are sooo cool, he's really got some talent!!! Love your decorations and pumpkin patch attempt. I'm much more of a Halloween grinch than you are, at least you have cute deco's!! Love you!

  3. i love the little pumpkin family :)

  4. Adorable && I agree I am a Halloween grinch in a way too!
    Happy Monday!

  5. I love the owl pumpkin! Very creative. :)

  6. haha! love the "huntched-over" picture. :) and great job on the pumpkins, brian!


  7. I love your banner! You are too cute, Miss Lex. And I still cannot get over Ellie. such a cute costume!!

  8. im so relieved to hear that im not the only one who isnt totally into Halloween! We have I think less decor for this holiday than you guys haha. You are just the cutest little family! love Elli's costume, and the fact that you kinda sorta went to the pumpkin patch, thats awesome. SO excited for the next 2 holidays!

  9. I think I could easily be described as a Halloween grinch, too! Those caramel apples look delicious....and as far as Christmas....i did put my Christmas tree up today!

  10. Those pumpkins are adorabllllle. Brian does master carving skills! Haha i love the hunched car picture! Haha no joke, I'm kind of a Halloween grinch's definitely not as awesome as Christmas! :) xoxoxoxoxo P

  11. Those Caramel apples look sooo yummy! You are like super-mum, halloween foods, cutest baby costume, pumpkin carving. THE BEST.

  12. love this post! My whole office thinks Ellie is the CUTEST MERMAID EVER! xoxox

  13. I feel the same way about Halloween and Christmas. I went to a pumpkin patch, and a Halloween party, but that was about it. Good job on decorating! =] Your girl is so cute!

  14. Haha we are little Halloween grinches as well!! Come teach us how to carve pumpkins oh my goodness! And Ellie of course is a doll!