Call Family Reunion

A few weeks ago my crazy family got together for one big family reunion. My grandparents have a large house and backyard in Mapleton, Utah so we spent most of our time hanging out there. There seems to be more and more of us every year! (My grandparents had 8 kids; add on spouses, grandkids, and great-grandchildren and that’s a lot of people!) My mom and Jill were in charge of this year’s reunion so of course it turned out great. :) There was plenty of food, backyard games, babies to hold, cousins to tease, and even a wedding! Here’s a few of the many photos from one heck of a weekend:


  1. Seriously, so cute!! Family reunion = success!! Thanks for sharing such cute pics! love you so much. xoxoxox

  2. Love the pictures. The one of your grampa is especially good. That is one Big family!

  3. lovely photos. husbo works at orange soda? i have three friends who do! mason and lindsey porter, as well as jason gibby! cool.