hawaii {part I}

Let me just apologize now for the overload of photos today, and for the next few days! We loved our little Hawaii trip, or babymoon, whatever you want to call it. My beach loving grandma owns a condo right off Waikiki beach and was kind enough to let us stay there while she visited the fam in St. George. We cannot thank her enough, we love that place! Within seconds of walking in, I had already changed out of my travel clothes and into my swimsuit. Yup, pretty sure I’d be fine with living in Hawaii, or next to any beach for that matter. Every morning we were there we ate fresh fruit, juice, and toast for breakfast. I cannot get enough of those papayas! The weather was picture perfect while we were there. We had so much fun lounging around at the beach and spent hours people watching. Literally, hours. Picking our spot on the beach was determined by how many people were around the area. We also got to watch the fireworks on Friday night. Even though they started an hour late and someone was a little tired (who meeee?) they were still pretty dang awesome! Ooooh Hawaii, how I miss you!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I've never been and now I'm dying to go. Why can't the whole world look this?

  2. How was the flight while being preggo? Did you manage to stay comfortable?

    1. the flight was ok, since it was the middle of the night and i was exhausted! laying on the beach can be kind of uncomfortable since you can't lay on your tummy or back! i was in the water most of the time with a tube and a book, wayyy more comfty!! :)

  3. beautiful pictures!!! looks lovely. (:

  4. You two are so cute! And how awesome that your grandma has a house there?!

    Loved the pictures. They are breath taking. I look forward to seeing more. :)

  5. i'm glad you two had fun alexa! I was so confused all week because you guys left everything open-the curtains, the lights on, etc. I was like.. "are they gone or aren't they?" but then I realized there was a paper sitting on your porch for like a week and so I knew you two were gone. haha xoo

  6. Great photos! It looks like you had a blast!

  7. Aw, WHAT FUN!! :) Y'all are just too adorable!


  8. oh this made me so excited for my honeymoon! you guys are so cute