the hubs + i


last week we had a little date night at costco (isn’t that store fabulous??) we played with all the cool electronics, I squealed at itty bitty baby clothes, b found his dream grill, and found all kinds of delicious food. that place has everything! to top it off, we used our extra change to splurge for a frozen yogurt. I love little dates with my  man!

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also, dear sponsors, I haven’t forgotten about you!! if you’ve sent me an email asking about being a sponsor, (or even if you haven’t), the answer is YES! (I’ve been terrible at emailing lately!) if you are interested,  just send me your ad (ad sizes are: 220x150) in HTML format and grab mine off the sidebar! I’ll be sure to put them all up on the blog asap!


  1. so glad y'all had a fun night! :) last night we had date night too!

  2. Wow, date night at Costco sounds awesome! I mean, cheap pizza, churros and frozen yogurt (why is it the BEST even though it's cheap??), free samples, playing with toys, getting some good deals. Win. The closest we have here is Walmart, although when we visit our families back home, we usually make a Costco pilgrimage ; )