flashback friday

Picture 077 copyIMG_2947kians-DA!!! 082girlieshanama bay!crazy hats!

Meet Miss Kiana. I’ve known this girl since the day we both started high school and boy oh boy did we have some fun. We filled our days with pranking people’s cars, giggling through Jr. Miss, getting kicked out of class for talking too much, exchanging stories after dates, soaking up sunshine in Hawaii, late night and early morning AP studying, enjoying our front and center David Archuletta tickets, skipping class for free frazzles, finding the comfiest shoes for school dances, and never getting in trouble with the local law enforcement…. ha. ;) As of 2 o’clock tomorrow, she is going to be a married woman!! I am so excited to see her be sealed to her love in the temple. Congratulations Kians!!!

(maybe after they’re officially married I’ll start trying to convince them to board the baby train with us…hee hee)


  1. I knew she was getting married this month, couldn't remember when. I can't believe it's tomorrow!

    Congratulations Kians!!
    Which temple is she getting married in?

  2. the car pic cracks me up! love the beach pic!

  3. Oh how I loved the fun you girls had in high school. I'm so excited for Kianas big temple day tomorrow! So glad you're representing our family at the wedding. Give her a big hug from her other high school mother!!

  4. Here comes the bride!
    Congratulations Kiana :D Sticky note car, AMAZING.

  5. Congratulations to Kiana from me and your cousins!!
    I hope you live happily ever after xoxox

  6. I tagged you in this. I know its annoying but you should still do it. after all it is my birthday :)


  7. so I'm basically in love with your blog! it is the cutest thing i have ever seen:) just FYI

    {just} sara