-trying on pants at the store and popping off the button. oops, those are definitely not my size.

-being extremely proud of my fashion-blog-worthy outfit for my art internship, only to have my heel break right as I walk through the door. can you say five hours of painful walking ad embarrassment?

-having neighbors come over to my apartment while I'm still lounging in my pajamas, not sporting a bra or brushed teeth, all natural, and yes its 4pm in the afternoon.

-sitting in an empty art gallery for five hours and going completely insane. pretty sure I have our children's and future generation's names picked out, designed our entire future home on pinterest, thoroughly stalked every friend I have on facebook, and counted all the cracks on the floor.

-can you say new red pants? I am loving these babies. Yes, I have joined the rest of the world in my red skinnies and striped shirts. I won't mention how many days in a row I've worn them without washing them...

-I took down our Christmas tree all by myself. It was quite the feat trying to carry it out of our apartment (maybe 4 feet) and then down the stairs (I just let it slide). I feel it was quite the accomplishment.

-we still have leftovers from Christmas, giving me the excuse not to cook!

-this amazing spring like weather we seem to be having. I'm one of the few anti-snow sports here in Utah and I'm praying this no snow thing lasts!


  1. Still laughing over the pj an art gallery one. That made my day!

  2. I am laughing out loud at the art gallery great!! ALSO, where did you get your red jeans?! I have desperately been looking for some and I haven't found any I am completely in love with.

  3. LOVE! This awkward and awesome was hysterical. Happy Thursday miss!

  4. haha you are too funny!
    I LOVE your red pants, so cute! I need to get brave and buy me some of those..
    Dont you love those random visits from neighbors when you havnt done anything with yourself all day long, perfect timing right? ha.
    Way to go on your Christmas tree, those things are heavy!

  5. ps-im soooo for the no snow part!! We live in provo and are loving the warmer weather!

  6. You're hilarious. I laughed out loud on all of your awkwards ha ha. Love your pants!

  7. lex! where did you get your red jeans? my sister is dying for some. also did you get my e-mail? is june 15th good?

  8. i'm kind of very upset about your heel breaking off because those are some rockin' shoes girl. but on the other hand...hilarious!!!!
    xo TJ

  9. I'm totally ready to jump on the skinny red jeans bandwagon. And so sad about your heel breaking. I have never had that happen but I can only imagine the pain of walking lopsided.


  10. How do you and Catherine know each other?!

  11. Trust me your not the only one loving the spring like weather. Today I wore sandals and a dress with leggings it was wonderful. I also loved that i got to roll down my window because my car was too hot this afternoon. :) LOVE IT!