oh christmas tree

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 78 9

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dollar store oranaments? check.

ten boxes of lights? check.

perfect (real, wonderful smelling) tree? check.

3 trips to walmart? triple check.

nysnc and mariah carey christmas on pandora? check.

front porch decked out? check.

diy ornaments made from trunk of tree? check.

decorating tree to the wee hours of the morning? check.

awkward picture in front of tree at said hours in the morning? check.

first christmas tree adventuring? success!


  1. So cute! This looks like so much fun! :)

  2. cute tree. I love your decked out porch. It makes me happy every time I drive into the cul de sac.

  3. i love the first christmas ornament. so adorable!

  4. in LOVE with your diy ornament from the trunk of the tree!

  5. y'all look awesome. isn't christmas tree shopping so fun?! your house looks great.
    p.s. you might wanna check today's post on my blog. (: you're on it!!

  6. This post is adorable. You two together are wayyyyy too cute! Yay for first Christmas tree adventures!

  7. I love your cute ornament that you made. I believe I will definitely have to make one too. Super cute tree!

  8. How fun! I love it!!! I'm so sad, I went to get out our Christmas tree and we lost the half of the stand (yes half) in our move!! It was a sweet $25 fake Christmas tree Black Friday deal! I need to find some random parts to fix it now!!!

  9. I tried commenting on this when you first posted then my phone crapped out on me and I gave up. I just had to say the tree trunk ornament idea is GENIUS!! I wish we had known about that! So, so cute.

  10. ahh! aren't you guys the cutest couple known to man?!

    loved looking through some of your old posts. cannot wait to follow your adventures!